Providing evidence-based counseling and family visitation services for parents and children designed to improve the quality of family relationships.

Counseling and Family Visitation Services


PCIT is an evidenced-based 12-16 week parent/caregiver training delivered in clinic or home-based for families with children 2-7 year olds, when the child has behavior problems, there are problems in the parent-child relationship or in cases of abuse.

PCIT Goals: Improve the quality of the parent-child relationship; increase parent effectiveness in managing children's misbehavior, and teaches appropriate discipline and reduction of parental stress.

PCIT works when the parent and child are together at least 3-4 times a weeks to practice the language skills and work on relationship enhancement and safe discipline practices.

PCIT Languages: English and Spanish


Promoting First Relationships (PFR) is a parent/caregiver intervention model that is used for families with infants and children from birth-3 years to lower risks of child maltreatment and increase child safety. It is a 10-14-week in-home program. PFR supports parents to experience joy and confidence in their relationships with their infants and toddlers.

Goal of PFR: build lasting, healthy, positive attachment relationships between parents and their infant or toddler.


Triple P Enhanced is an evidenced based 10-15 week parenting training/skill building intervention to help parents safely cope with the daily challenges of parenting. Triple P has been effective helping parents learn appropriate methods of discipline, behavior management, and improving the parent/child relationship. WNC therapists use CANS_F as the assessment tool in working with families.


Project SafeCare is an 18-21 weeks in home skills building and educational services for caregivers of children 0-5 years. The focus is usually on neglect related issues. SafeCare Home Visitors and Coaches work with at risk families to improve parenting skills in 3 domains including home safety, child health/management of illness and injury and child/infant and parent interaction through use of assignments, skill mastery and role modeling.

SafeCare Goals: Reduce incidents of child maltreatment, increase positive parent-child interaction, improve how parents care for their children's health, enhance home safety and parent supervision.


Functional Family Therapy is an evidence-based counseling model for families with at-risk youth ages 11-17. Services can be provided in the family/adoptive home or kinship/long term foster home. FFT can be helpful in high conflict situations where it seems like nothing can be settled without arguing. FFT has been effective serving families and youth with acting out behaviors, delinquency, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse issues. FFT has recently approved a change in the model allowing twice-weekly sessions to make the service FAR compatible.


FPS is an in-home service designed to improve family functioning in order to promote the child's health, safety, and welfare and thereby allowing the family to remain intact and allow children to remain or return home.

FPS Goals: help with establishing or restore safety in the child or youth's home to: prevent the need for an out-of-home placement when the child or youth is considered to be at substantial likelihood of placement due to abuse, neglect or severe family conflict; or facilitate the return of a child or youth from out-of-home care.

CANS-F is the assessment tool used by Washington National Counseling therapists in working with families.


Incredible Years in-home services increases parenting skills, improves relationships, and decreases child behavior problems. The Incredible Years program includes video, modeling, DVDs, and role play. Short-term outcomes typically include increased school readiness, improved emotion regulation and social competence, as well as improved parenting interactions and relationships. Long-term outcomes include increased academic achievement, lower school dropout rates, reduced youth criminal activity, and reduced drug and alcohol problems.


The intent of crisis family intervention is to provide brief, voluntary services that are directed to safely preserve, strengthen and reconcile families of caregivers in conflict.

Available 24/7 including holidays: Our therapists are available to Children's Administration (CA) referred families for emergency consultation day and night, every day.

CFI Languages: English, Spanish and Hungarian


The purpose of these services is to provide professional level mental health services as authorized by Children's Administration (CA) to improve the safety of children and the functioning of individuals and families. Services may include assessment, counseling, therapy or treatment services.

Counseling, therapy, and treatment services use evidence-based, and recognized therapeutic techniques, to assist an individual, individuals, or a family in amelioration or adjustment of mental, emotional or behavioral problems. Our therapists are available to provide consultation to social workers on specific cases including a concluding report following the end of treatment.


The purpose of a Parent-Child visit is to safely provide visit services to children who are in custody of CA and their parents. Services may include transportation of the child to the scheduled visit with the parent(s) or siblings. Parent/child supervised visits facilitate and support the safe reunification of the parent(s) and child. Supervised visits between siblings support and strengthen the sibling bond.

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Building the knowledge, skills, and abilities that can keep families together.

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